Sylvan Town Home Clients


Look NO Further for the Agent to Sell your Sylvan Town Home. Many of you are looking to sell your Sylvan Townhome. CALL YOUR COMMUNTY EXPERTS.

London Team Seattle – Mona London

My name is Mona London community sales manager. I’ve been selling this community for over 2 years and seen an amazing run in prices. The community is blessed with the current home owner base and their drive for excellence. Many of you are thinking about selling your town home, the process you follow is call an agent or 2 and let them do a proposal for you and you choose the best representation.

“WHAT YOU DONT REALIZE THEY CALL ME FOR ADVISE AND BY LAW THEY NEED TO LOOK AT THE MLS FOR THEIR INFO.” The problem they encounter is coming up with a price for you that will appraise and yet sell quickly, they can even guestimate what the price we have contracts for:

THEREFORE THEY GIVE YOU A PRICE THAT MAY SELL QUICK, the PROBLEM again what is the real value and how much are you losing. We’ve witnessed many sales where your hard earned money wasn’t being maximized.

Most of you know me, my listing clients get the best marketing plus first class pictures and the best virtual tour money can buy. We spend $$$ on Advertising on Sylvan Town Homes. We have better than a 50% chance of Selling this listing ourselves, what does that mean to you, LESS COMMISSION. Please call and ask about out special rebate to you for choosing London Team Seattle to sell your Home.